Funky Trunki

5 Apr

I had bad experiences travelling with a toddler, a buggy, and a hand luggage.  Once, the buggy was even gone missing. It was a nightmare, not mentioning that I was pregnant too at that time.  So, I went searching for a better way to travel with children.  This time, I was travelling with a 2 year old and a 5 year old.  I came across trunki and given it a lots of thought.  Although, the trunki is not recommended for under 3,  I thought I’d give it a try.  I bought two trunki, one in pink and the other in blue, so my children wouldn’t fight for them.

I like the trunki for my daughter (5 yo), because she can stir it by herself and can go really fast.  But, trunki was  not for my 2 yo son.  He struggled to stir so I had to pull his with the string.  The problem with pulling is, it kept falling sideways if I need to turn.  So, I ended up carrying trunki, my son and my hand luggage  (good that I wasn’t pregnant this time).  The string on the trunki is clipped with a plastic clip which I found not very sturdy.  The clip kept getting off and my daughter can clip and unclipping it pretty easily.

If you like to be the centre of attention, I’d recommend you to get a trunki.  They were head turners wherever we go.  Some people even took video of my children on the trunki.

At one point, my daughter clipped her brother’s trunki to hers and therefore she can pull him along.  It’s a good idea if we were in an empty hall but we were in one of the busiest airport in the world so he ended up knocking everyone.  Thinking back,  it  was kind of fun but if I had to do it again, I think I would leave my hand luggage behind, and travelled  just with the 2 trunkies.

The trunki can fit enough one child’s paraphernalia  for a day or two.  Each child had few reading books, activities books, changing clothing and toys.  They can be stored under the airplane seat, but I placed my son’s trunki up in the cabin storage while my daughter under the seat.  I didn’t fill my daughter’s trunki full so I can fill it up with my son’s stuff afterward.

One mistake I’ve made was I didn’t given my children a trial run at home with the trunki.  On the travelling day,  my two children went wild whizzing around the airport.  But after a while, especially waiting for the flight coming back, the novelty worn off and they seemed to know what to do with it, and the journey became much easier.

Bottom line, would I recommend trunki? Yes, for children older than 3 years old.  It looks really cute and keeps children busy while you’re waiting in the airport.

Note: It wasn’t me on the photo, it was my sister so I had to (sorry) crop her head, otherwise, she would kill me if she knew her photo was on my blog.


One Response to “Funky Trunki”

  1. Sitha October 5, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    Thinking to buy this Trunki before we went to Indonesia last summer. But yup, it’s not for my 17 mo baby nor my 8-to-9 yo daughter 🙂 But I still think about this Trunki especially the Ladybug one. Yummy… *emaknya yg kepingin, hehe…*

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