Chocolate No Heartache

7 Apr

I love chocolate cake, so do my two children.  But, my daughter has got somewhat intolerance towards milk and gluten.  So, I came across the book  written by Harry Eastwood, Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache.  The book has some lovely scrumptious yummy cakes photos.  But, you wouldn’t believe it if you read the ingredients, they were made of vegetables.  I’ve made the forbidden chocolate brownies made of beetroot.  It was yummy but it was too rich for my like.  The next cake I baked, was the chocolate heartache.  It was so yummy and I love the texture.  You wouldn’t believe what it was made of.  It was made of aubergines!  It had no flour, oil, butter, milk, and sugar (it did had honey).  My family loved it and I had no heartache giving it to my daughter.  So, what did it have in it? It had aubergines, good quality dark chocolate (I use green & black), cocoa powder ( also use green & black), honey, eggs, brandy (I didn’t have any brandy so used rum essence instead).  I still tasted slight aubergine taste,  so I guess it does need a little support of alcohol to mask the aubergine and liven up the taste.


One Response to “Chocolate No Heartache”

  1. Yunita May 30, 2014 at 4:36 am #

    Yeah, it is very delicious

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