What happen if you ride a bicycle with your eyes closed?

20 May

As usual, we were on the way home from school with my DD1 (aged 7) and DS2 (aged 4) on the bikes.  We’re still in the alleyway next to the school, suddenly, banged! My son just hit the wall and scraped his left pinky and left ring finger, also his left knee.  He was crying inconsolably.   Every times, I heard him crying like this,  stopped my heart beating for a split second.  What now? He insisted on carry on riding, but after crossing the road to the next alleyway (yup, we had to go through 3 alleyways from school to home), he decided that it was too painful.  Luckily, I had his bike seat attached on my bike.  I carried his training bike on my bike and pushed along.

When we got home, during dinnertime, my son told my hubby that he was very brave.  I told my husband what had happened and he started to tell me what had actually happened.

DS:  Mummy, I was really braved, wasn’t I

Me: Yes, you’re really brave.

DS: Yes, I was braved riding my bike closed eyes.

Me: What! Why did you close your eyes?

DS: Because Lana (his nursery friend) closed her eyes when riding bike.

Me: ????

Then, I told him that Lana wasn’t closing her eyes.  She has problem with her sight which I don’t know what.  She always look like she is closing her eyes but she’s actually trying so hard to see.  Blessed her!

I guess, I couldn’t be angry with my son.  He’s just experimenting how it is riding a bicycle with his eyes closed, which ended up hitting the wall.  Luckily it wasn’t closed to the main street which could be very dangerous.  Hmm… what next ??


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