Choosing the sex of my baby

16 Aug

I believe whatever sex of  a child is a blessing. However, after having a girl as our first child, I’d like to have a boy to complete our little family.  I wasn’t really desperate to have a boy, either way I’d be happy, but I thought it would be nice to have a boy.

By accident, I came across a book, called ‘Choose the sex of your baby – the natural way’ by Hazel Chesterman-Phillips.  I bought it, read it and applied some of the advice from the book.

According to the book, female sperm (x) behaves differently with male sperm (y).  Female sperm (x) is an endurance swimmer.  They are slow but can survive longer in comparison to male sperms (y).  While male sperms (y) are fast swimmer, they don’t last long.  So, knowing this, I have to know my ovulation time in order to make the chance for either sperm to meet the egg i.e. to know when to have an intercourse. Why is that? Because to have a boy,  the egg should be waiting in the ovum.  In that way, there’s big chance that the first sperm to arrive to the egg would be a male sperm.  While, if you want to have a girl, you have to have intercourse before ovulation, at least 3 days before.  Apparently female sperm can last for 3 days.  Therefore, when the egg is released some female sperms would be waiting to fertilise the egg.

How would I know when I was ovulating? I recorded my basal body temperature every morning, straight after I woke up, before doing anything else.  I recorded bbt everyday for 3 months and plotted a chart as directed from the book.  According to the book, when one is ovulating, there would be a jump in bbt, as long as you’re not ill.  But if one is taking the bbt for a period of time, you’ll notice the pattern.  I can also feel some sensation below my stomach, a sort of a tightening on one side of my stomach.

To know your pattern enabled you to predict your ovulation time.  This is more useful if you want to have a girl.  It is because, to have a girl, you have to stop having intercourse at least from 3 days before your ovulation until 2 days past ovulation, but the book also recommend to abstain sex from 5 days before the ovulation.  For a boy, it’s a different matter, we have to use condom or abstain from sex from 5 days before ovulation and have intercourse during ovulation.

Another important advice is sperm count.  Heat especially contribute to sperm count.  High sperm count will help you to get a boy while low sperm count for a girl.  Sperms apparently are produced at a lower temperature than normal body temperature, therefore if you want to have a boy, you have to keep the scrotum cool, while to have a girl, you have to keep the scrotum slightly hot.  My hubby is an amateur cyclist, therefore he likes to wear tight underwear and also cycling pants.  I had to force him to wear boxer shorts and told him to have cool shower before going to bed.

There are also lots more about diet but we didn’t follow the diet advice.  the first 3 months, I was charting the bbt, we weren’t starting trying until the month 4.  It didn’t take us long, I was pregnant straight away on month 4 for a boy.  But, I don’t know whether the method is foolproof or it is down to random selection.

I would advice, if you do follow gender selection technique, you have to accept that there’s no guarantee that this method will 100% work.  I do recommend the book highly but don’t despair if you don’t get the baby girl/boy that you want, either way, a child is a blessing.


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